Wed, Jun 13, 2018
Mid-Day Dog Walk - Mid-Day (11:00am - 3:00pm)


Walk or Outdoor Playtime
Fresh Water
Treats Given
Door Locked
Outdoor Plants Watered
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1 year agoAlix
Winni had a great time this afternoon on his walk! We had equal parts play and power walking! I can really see a difference in his stamina now that we have him on a regular walking schedule! We're looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow! 🐶🐾
4 weeks agoSharon smith
Fido had a good time on his midday walk. he took care of business and ran around and is such a happy playful dog.After his walk he had a little snack and is now resting.
2 weeks agoSharolyn Fortin
Fido and I had a great visit today! I brought him for his walk, stopping along the way for him to play fetch and let him do his business. We met a couple of other dogs along the way, which he enjoyed and was very well behaved. Fido and I played a bit before we got back, rolling in the grass and running around. I gave him a treat, refreshed his water bowl and he was laying down when I left.
1 week agoTeigan
Fido and I had a wonderful afternoon walk! :)
The weather was perfect for this pup to release his energy. He enjoyed saying hello to others during our stroll. We played fetch (one of his many favorite games) for quite awhile, before returning back home for water and rest. The day was nothing short of excitement and tail wags.